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Disputes between Landlords and Tenants can occur at anytime. Although renting out properties can be a good source of income, it does carry a risk for example a tenant not paying rent or service charges.

Aman Solicitors Advocates also advice on rent arrears, repossession claims, disputes over service charges and housing disrepair claims. At Aman Solicitors Advocates we have an experienced team who can handle all areas of Landlord and Tenant Law.

Residential and Commercial Eviction

We are a team of highly skilled and committed Solicitors and Caseworkers who take the time to understand the nature of your dispute, as well as identifying the desired outcome and the most efficient way of getting there.

We recognise that disputes, whether residential or commercial, can lead to considerable frustration and worry. 

Our Litigation Team has a wealth of experience and resources to find solutions to even the most complicated cases.

The main areas we cover are:

In the Residential sector:

  • Rent arrears claims
  • Possession claims under the Accelerated possession claims
  • Housing disrepair claims.
  • Possession actions, to include preparation and service of statutory notices
  • Remedies for breaches of other covenants (e.g. unlawful sub-letting)
  • Service charges claims and challenges and issues involving the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal

In the commercial sector:

  • Business lease renewals
  • Dilapidations claims
  • Forfeiture and distraint, to include the preparation and service of statutory notices
  • Unlawful assignment and subletting
  • Insolvency

In addition to landlord and tenant disputes, we frequently advise on the law affecting land generally, to include contract disputes an misrepresentation, boundary disputes, restrictive and positive covenants, trespass and squatters, nuisance, party walls and neighbour disputes

Tenant Eviction

Evicting tenants can be a daunting process, so whether your tenant is in rent arrears, or has breached their tenancy in another way you need a legal team that understands the intricacies of Housing Law. With the help of our specialists, the eviction process can be dealt with in the quickest and most cost effective way.

To allow us to deal with your case as efficiently as possible, we are required to see a copy of the most recent tenancy agreement, copies of any notices you have served upon the tenant, and proof that you have adequately protected the tenant's deposit.

Unlawful Eviction

In order to remove a tenant from a landlord property, the correct legal procedures must be followed by obtaining a Court Order for Possession, and if necessary a Warrant for Eviction, which must be executed by a Court Bailiff.

If you evict a tenant without following the correct procedure, you will be evicting the tenant unlawfully. This could result in legal action against you if you are a landlord and potential claim if you are a tenant.

This can include a claim for compensation or even an injunction to get the tenant back into the property.

It is important to seek legal advice from the outset; our team of specialists are on hand to guide you through and advise on the most appropriate form of action and assist landlords who face action against them.

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